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Dec. 19, 2021: Back to Entertaining

Jeff and I have always loved entertaining. Whether an intimate dinner, family gatherings, cocktail parties, or a huge gala, we have always enjoyed opening up our home to friends and family. During our nearly 43 years of marriage, we have hosted more gatherings than I can keep track of.

When March 2020 rolled in, that all changed. The pandemic caused all of us to retreat into a small social bubble and cocoon from the world at large. Our social calendar, like so many, was decidedly different. Large gatherings and crowds were no longer present. No concerts, football games, or big parties. Any gatherings we did have were small and included only those in our pandemic bubble- our immediate family.

It is only now, nearly 21 months later, that I can say we are getting back to entertaining.

This holiday season, while certainly not back to pre-pandemic status, is certainly more ‘normal’ than last year’s. We have had some dinner parties. We will be hosting a Holiday Cocktail Party. We have had friends to dinner at our home and have gathered at the homes of friends.

Still moving cautiously and keeping an eye on local trends and medical recommendations, there are some of our traditional Holiday Festivities missing. But getting back to normal is a process, and I am glad to celebrate that we are a few steps closer.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy and joyful holiday season, whatever that looks like for you!

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