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Flower Power 2 Friendship Rules 

    The theme of Flower Power 2 Friendship Rules is quality friendship, as seen through the activities of the three friends. The empathy and growth of understanding demonstrated by the characters as they deal with their differences and problems reveal the importance of commonalities among people of diverse backgrounds. Through their struggles and growth, they become less judgmental and more understanding. The novel is inspiring. Author Judy Lindquist's own empathy and understanding of the hearts and minds and needs of this age group is strong and imparts a strong message of hope.

                                      Dr. Mary Custureri, Ed.D

                                      Curriculum and Reading Specialist 

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                  Flower Power



Flower Power tells the story of three girls that use their unique strengths to work together to face the struggles of life, and in the process, forge a beautiful friendship.  Lindquist utilized her experiences as a teacher to craft a realistic and moving narrative that middle grade children are sure to love!


Katie Polito- Bookstagrammer

         Forcing Change 


Won the 2018 James J Horgan Award for an Outstanding Publication that Supports the study of Florida History and Heritage for Young Readers. 

Received the 2018 KidsShelfBooks Cover Art Award.

Was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Royal Dragonfly Awards for Middle Grades Fiction.

        Saving Home



This novel is a fine piece of work. I am truly impressed with the thorough research and the eloquent writing. This book will be particularly useful to Florida students for years to come.

Monica Rowland Kile

Program Director

Florida Humanities Council

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