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Saving Home

Saving Home is a historical novel set during the English siege of St. Augustine in 1702. The story is told through the eyes of nine-year-old Luissa de Cueva and her friends, ten-year-old Diego de las Alas, and a Timucuan Indian girl named Junco. Based on meticulous research, Saving Home engages readers of all ages with descriptions of Spanish and Native American families seeking refuge for more than six weeks within the walls of the Castillo de San Marcos as St. Augustine goes up in flames and a battle rages around them. This exciting historical novel has messages about life, family, and what is important that will resonate with both the young and the young at heart.

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The Florida Historical Society Press

Published Nov. 2008

119 pages

Forcing Change

I​t is June 1963 and 15 year old Margaret Jefferson is being arrested at a sit-in at a lunch counter in St. Augustine. The Civil Rights Movement has found its way into her hometown, and Maggie feels a deep need to be a part of it. She believes in the ideals of the movement and the ultimate goal of equality. However, as the year unfolds their nonviolent protests are met with rising resistance, aggression, and intimidation from local government and the Klu Klux Klan. Cattle prods used on protesters, fire bombs thrown into the homes of families trying to integrate the schools, teenagers held in jail indefinitely. No one is safe, it seems. This story, told through Maggie’s innocent and hopeful eyes, will help a new generation of young people to understand the strength and sacrifices of those who worked so hard for Civil Rights in this country. ​


The Florida Historical Society Press

Published Dec. 2017

99 pages

Forcing Change
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Flower Power 2 cover .jpg

Flower  Power

When Rose finds herself in a new school because her father lost his job, she wonders how she will fit into a world so different from her previous one. In order to deal with her deep seeded fears, Lily is compelled to take on projects and causes that seem overwhelming. As Violet’s family undergoes enormous changes, she attempts to deal with her new position and role in her expanded family.  

These challenges, and Jaydan the school bully, threaten to make their Fourth Grade year miserable.  However, Rose, Lily and Violet, who first bond over their flower names, discover the power of friendship. Will the assumptions they make about each other destroy the bonds that they have developed? Or will they be able to get beyond appearances to truly understand each other and find their voices in the world? 

Taylor and Seale Publishers

Published December 2019

Flower Power 2 Friendship Rules 

The start of a new school year is always exciting. Fifth graders Rose, Lily, and Violet are looking forward to being back together at Oak Hill Elementary and even though they are in three different homeroom classes, they know their friendship will survive.  The usual challenges of school bullies, tough teachers, and different interests are no problem. 

However, when community homelessness, physical abuse, and chronic health conditions make their way into their world, the girls are not as confident in dealing with these challenges, or each other.

While their differences always added to their friendship, expanding their circle to include others, is not as easy as it seems.  

As the girls work to find their place and their passion, they discover that friendship is stronger and more resilient, than it appears. 

Taylor and Seale Publishers 

Published Sept. 2022 

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