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April 5, 2020: The Teacher Code

What an eventful week this has been! Yes, Covid 19 has the news and our thoughts as daily briefings and news reports fill us in on the latest statistics, recommendations, and advice.

While I certainly do not presume to speak for all teachers, I would like to tell you what this week has been filled with for some of the thousands of teachers across the country who have now switched to virtual and on-line teaching and instruction:

- It has been filled with hours upon hours of time on the computer uploading assignments, finding documents, preparing worksheets, and providing feedback to our students.

- It has been filled with virtual video meetings with administrators, our team, and even our students.

- It has been filled with relief as we have finally gotten to see the faces of some of our kiddos- even if it is virtual.

- It has been filled with heartache and worry about our students and how they are handling the isolation from the social aspects of school.

- It has been filled with worry about the students we have who have not yet checked in, or who do not seem to be doing well, or the ones who we know are dealing with the added stress of family crisis.

- It has been filled with tears as we struggle with feeling that we are not doing enough to reach out and protect and nurture our kids.

But for me it has also been filled with awe and admiration for all of the amazing educators out there who are doing it all- and more!

Teachers are truly an amazing group of people.

Just this week I have seen teachers creating and sharing lessons, units, advice, and tips with other teachers, some of whom they have never met.

I have seen teachers encouraging and supporting each other, their students and their students’ families, all on top of taking care of their own families.

Because, you see, teaching really does have an unwritten code. This code is not something you are taught in college, it is not something your colleagues tell you, it is not even something that is acknowledged, but it is what drives all of those who make teaching our life’s work.

#1- Teachers always put their students and their students’ well-being first.

#2- Teachers will do whatever it takes to teach and protect their students.

#3- Teachers will figure it out- no matter what is asked of them.

I have always considered teaching one of the noblest professions, and my hope is that during this crisis, others begin to see that as well.

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1 Comment

Becky Elie
Apr 06, 2020

This is a lovely tribute to teachers.

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