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December 1, 2019- The Christmas Card and Holiday Letter

While I love so many holidays, there is something about the Christmas Holiday that puts it in a category all by itself. It is not simply a holiday, it is a season. I love everything about it. The music, the decorations, the food, the joy and giving. And the traditions. One of my favorites is the Christmas Card and Holiday Letter!

It seems like a simple enough tradition- send a card to all your loved ones near and far, wishing them a wonderful season, and letting them know what has been going on in your life. Then spend the month enjoying all the cards and letters that fill your mailbox. Reconnect with friends, update far-flung family, remind loved ones you are thinking of them even if our lives are not intersecting on a regular basis.

In this age of digital-relationships, it is actually amazing that this tradition has not gotten lost. Even in this time of Facebook-birthday wishes, snapchat conversations, sharing Instagram photos, and Tweeting thoughts and ideas, the Christmas Card and Letter is still alive and well.

I love that people take the time to sit down and ponder the last year, to reflect on the highs and lows, and to share a beloved photo or two. While some letters may be long and newsy, others may be short and sweet. Some cards may have hand written notes while others are typed up and printed on Holiday Stationery. All are embraced and appreciated.

While this tradition may not bring back the long-lost art of the hand-written and mailed letter, it is close enough for me to celebrate the fact that the art of writing is alive and well.

My pile of Christmas Cards and letters- now on their way to all my friends and family!

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Becky Elie

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate. I'm sure the cards you sent were a blessing!

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