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Jan. 23, 2022: Here We Go Again!

The Pandemic. Covid19. Variants. Mutations.

I can’t decide if I feel like we are on a Merry Go Round, circling again and again over the same path, or on a Roller Coaster, climbing up a hill, only to plunge down the other side.

Either way, it can be discouraging, frustrating, and disorienting.

As a teacher, I was just getting to the point in my classroom, where I felt more comfortable allowing my students to do more collaboration and group work. But with positive numbers once again on the rise, and seating charts once again essential for contact tracing, I have desks spaced and am rethinking some of my planned learning activities.

As a college professor, I was once again preparing for professional conferences in which we were going to gather together in the same physical space. Until last week, when a conference was cancelled due to high positive numbers and the presentation I was planning on giving is now back on the shelf, waiting.

As a writer, I had just begun to get some school author visits, books signings, and book festivals on the calendar. Then this month, several were postponed or cancelled due to the community spread of covid.

I understand and support the cancelations and postponements. As disappointing as it is, I agree that community health is the top consideration.

I also know that after two years of living with a world-wide pandemic, we are all weary and yearn to get back to what we perceive as our “normal”.

So what’s a person to do?

- Move slowly

As we do get back into the activities that we love, ease into them slowly. Small steps, and along the way, reassess.

- Focus on the positive

Celebrate what we can get back to doing, and once again, embrace the “silver linings” that came along with this crisis.

- Be gracious

Not all of us have the same risk factors or comfort level. Be understanding of others’ when they make decisions, choices, or requests that may not be in step with our own.

Wishing everyone a safe and positive experience as we ride out this latest wave of cases!

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