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July 16, 2023: Passion

I opened an email this week from one of my former students. She was one of my graduating 5th graders, and also was part of our school’s Journalism Team. She shared that she had been doing a lot of writing this summer, and was wondering if I would like to read her work. There were nine documents attached!

She had written some book reviews, some poetry, she had some opening chapters of a possible horror story she wanted to write, there was a reflection piece, and a how-to piece.

It was clear that she had let her passions give her writing direction this summer.

I have thought a great deal about passion this week, as my ten-year-old granddaughter had her theatrical debut Friday night in Disney’s Descendants, the Musical. She and her fellow cast members had spent their first six weeks of their summer this year, in play rehearsals and practices at the local family theater. Five hours every day, and then the week before opening night, eight-hour-a-day rehearsals. No complaints, just passion. Their performance on Friday was mesmerizing and filled with passion.

My youngest granddaughter is three years old, and she has developed a passion for drawing. Piles of paper and colored pencils, crayons, pens and markers are never far. She is always creating something and then she loves to give them to people. She is passionate and has a vision. She is exploring this passion for visual art.

Passion is not just for the young. This week I spent three days in an on-line class focused on the Teaching of the Constitution hosted by the National Constitution Center. The scholars were passionate, the speakers were passionate, my fellow educators and I were passionate.

Passion is what pushes us beyond. Beyond the usual, beyond the adequate, beyond the obstacles. It also helps to drown out the noise. The words of discouragement, the voice of doubt, and the sound of uncertainty are all dimmed when met with passion.

Wishing everyone a week filled with passion.

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