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March 20, 2022: Just One More Chapter

One of my favorite gifts is a pillow that says Just One More Chapter. It was given to me last Christmas from very special friends, who know me well. It sits on the rocking chair in my craft room, which doubles as the playroom when my granddaughters are here. It is a vibrant and special reminder of the power of words and books.

Just one more chapter, I have had my students plead, when we are reading a book together and I am ready to stop. The story is inviting them to continue and they beg for one more chapter.

Just one more chapter, I tell myself when I am reading and my eyes are getting heavy, yet the story is drawing me along.

Just one more chapter, I propose, when I am writing and the words seem to drag and inspiration wains.

We can also look at these words more figuratively. More symbolically. One more chapter of our lives. Time marches on and we move from one chapter to the next. While each chapter captivates and surrounds us, each one has its place in the overall story of our lives. Some chapters are joyful, some painful, and most a mix of both highs and lows. Some chapters we may want to move through quickly and put them behind us, while others we want to slow down and savor.

Whether our one more chapter is the coaching we need to endure a dark period, or the pleasure of joyful times, each chapter is essential. Like a great book, pulling out one chapter would weaken the entire story.

Cheers to just one more chapter.

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