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March 31, 2024: Happy Easter

Easter is one of the few holidays in which the date we celebrate changes from year to year.  It may be early, like this year and fall sometime in March, or it may be later in the year and occur sometime in April. Regardless, the holiday always brings to mind spring, flowers, eggs, baskets, and bunnies!


         One of my favorite Easter acvitities is to fill baskets for my loved ones.  My granddaughters’ baskets are particularly fun to fill, but I also enjoy filling a small basket for my sister-in-law or my parents or my neighbors. While these baskets are tangible and real, it is also fun to think about baskets that may have those illusive things we all want and need.


         If I had the power to fill baskets with anything, what would I include?


For my writer friends- may your Easter Basket be filled with:

-       Stories to tell

-       The perfect word

-       Sentences that sing

-       Surprising plot twists

-       Characters to love (or hate)


For my teacher friends- may your Easter Basket be filled with:

-       Moments of discovery

-       Joyful noise

-       Curiosity and enthusiasm

-       Smiles and hugs

-       Aha moments


For the parents and grandparents out there- may your Easter Basket be filled with:

-       Eternal patience

-       Laughter galore

-       Endless snuggles

-       Shared discoveries

-       Great books to share


May everyone’s Basket be filled with:

-       Joy in your heart

-       Peace in your spirit

-       Work that fulfills you

-       Health and contentment

-       Love in your life!

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