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May 23, 2021: Letter to My Students

Dear Students,

As we wrap up the most unprecedented school year that any of us has ever had, I would like to take a few minutes to tell you how much I appreciate you and what you have done this year.

I know that this year has been tough for you. You have had to adjust to new instructional approaches, unfamiliar technology tools, new social rules, physical and emotional isolation, and a world filled with noise, chaos, and contention.

And while you are dealing with the seismic shift in your world, you have been witnessing the adults in your lives trying to also figure out how to survive and thrive in this new reality. It can be scary. It can be overwhelming.

But you have taken my breath away with your resilience and your heart. Whether you have been one of my face-to-face students sitting with me in the classroom, or one of my virtual students logging on from home, this school year has been interesting to say the least. And I want to take a minute to thank YOU for….

- Your Caring Heart

o You have shown, every single day, that you care. You care about your schoolwork and you care about each other. This is evident in the questions you ask and the comments of support you give to each other.

- Your Creative Thinking

o Your creativity when it comes to all we have done this year is mind-boggling. Whether we have been trying to solve technology issues or trying to overcome a pandemic-caused obstacle, you have come up with such creative solutions.

- Your Optimistic Attitude

o This year has proven just how much you have that “growth mindset”. No matter what challenges have presented themselves, I have seen and heard you look for the silver lining and then move on to the next challenge.

- Your Determined Approach

o You have shown again and again, just how willing you are to try something again and again. Undaunted by a failed attempt, you have embraced new approaches, discovered new strengths, and celebrated new thinking.

- Your Supportiveness

o As you have witnessed your classmates (and your teacher) struggle and sometimes fail, you have always had a kind and encouraging word, a helpful suggestion, or a similar story to share. You have shown that “we are all in this together” means something to you.

- Your Acceptance

o With such a large group of such diverse classmates with such a wide range of talents and skills, you have demonstrated that everyone matters in our community of learners. We got into some deep topics this year and you demonstrated that regardless of perspective or opinion, everyone matters and everyone is a valuable member of our group.

To all of my 75 students, thank you for an amazing school year! I love you!

Mrs. Lindquist

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