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November 24, 2019- New Book Revealed

My new book is just about ready to launch! The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy with phone calls, emails and last minute decisions. This latest book is a little different than my first two books. The first two were historical fiction, so they involved much more research at the planning stage. But this book, a contemporary fiction middle grades novel, seemed to require more work at the revision stage. This book also required that I seek a different publisher, since the publisher for my first two books was the Florida Historical Society Press and they focus solely on historical content.

The publisher for this project, Taylor and Seale, has also been a joy to work with. The hardest part for me though, was working on and approving the book cover. As a writer who has no artistic talent at all, and being traditionally published, luckily the publisher handled finding the artist. I just had to give input into how I envisioned the characters. Sounds easy, but it is not. Especially when you truly have no overall vision for the structure of the cover art. The ideas that both my editor and the artist shared with me definitely helped me to refine and hone in on my own vision. And the graciousness they had when I asked for changes on the proofs they shared, was much appreciated. Like so much of writing, it was a collaborative process.

Then of course, I had to find people willing to read the proofs so we could include some reviews on the book cover. A huge thank you to Debi Merchant, a lifelong educator and reader in New York; and Katie Polito, an active Bookstagrammer for the following reviews:

Life is filled with many changes and as the saying goes, it is all in how you deal with it. In the delightful book, Flower Power, by Judy Lindquist, we meet Rose, Lily and Violet. At first glance, these girls appear to have nothing in common except they are all named for flowers.  Rose is the new girl, Violet is quiet and shy, Lily likes to take charge.  I found it heart-warming to follow the girls as each one works to conquer the challenges that have entered their lives in fourth grade, they learn that they are better together. I laughed, I cried and I wished that I was in fourth grade once more. I want to know what they face next.

Debi Merchant

Teacher and Educator

Flower Power tells the story of three girls that use their unique strengths to work together to face the struggles of life, and in the process, forge a beautiful friendship.  Lindquist utilized her experiences as a teacher to craft a realistic and moving narrative that middle grade children are sure to love!

Katie Polito- Bookstagrammer

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Becky Elie
20 kwi 2020

Flower Power is a lovely book. I believe it can have positive impact on many people!

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