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April 9, 2023: Happy Easter

I am once again sharing one of my favorite Easter Photos from my youth. Growing up in the Northeast in the 1960s, Easter was a big deal! It was an indication that the bitter and brutal winter was over. It was a celebration of growth and renewed life. And of course, it meant new Easter clothes.

My mom was an exceptionally talented seamstress, so she often made my sisters and me matching dresses. But there would also be hats to purchase, new shoes, jackets, and even gloves and purses. Easter Sunday meant everyone was dressed to perfection in our new outfits.

This picture is circa mid-1960s. I am guessing that I am about the same age in this picture, as my oldest granddaughter is today. My mom sure had style!

It is early as I post this, so my Easter celebration has not yet begun, but I know it will be wonderful! I will be hosting the extended family for Easter Brunch today. There will only be 10 of us, but there will be Easter Egg Hunts, baskets to unpack, food, drink, and laughter.

Not sure if everyone will get as dressed up for Easter as we used to, but wishing everyone a wonderful day, no matter how you are dressed.

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