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July 3, 2022: Small Acts

It has certainly been an eventful and stressful few weeks. With the challenges of covid still on the fringes of our everyday life, even that stress has taken a back seat to the new political stresses that are being exposed. From Supreme Court rulings to the Insurrection Hearings, our world as we know it is changing. If you belong to any sort of minority or marginalized group, that stress is even more acute, as the civil rights we thought were codified into law, can no longer be counted on to protect us. Yes, it often feels like we are living in an enemy-controlled country.

While we cannot ignore these new political changes, I have also realized that I cannot live my day-to-day life in that constant state of tension and anxiety. That is not to say I am not being realistic, or acknowledging the facts. Only that I need a break. Twenty-four hour news cycles, constant analysis, and the worry of what I personally can and should do for the good of our society, can be overwhelming, to say the least.

I have realized that embracing the small, positive things we can do, can be good for the heart and soul. Paying it forward, prioritizing community impact, and caring for others. These things can be like salve on our scraped and bruised emotions. They can remind us of the joys that are all around us. Small acts that have big impact.

Some of my favorites:

- Donate Blood

- Send an email or text to someone just to say you are thinking of them and wishing them well.

- Spend time with children

- Get outside into nature and breathe (and pick up trash while you walk)

- Clean out a closet or drawer and donate what you no longer use to a worthy organization

- Bake something and share it

- In traffic, let someone merge in or change lanes

- Add a little extra to the tip jar at the coffee shop, if you can

- Look that sales person or server in the eye when you thank them (and mean it)

- Volunteering to help a neighbor

- Dropping off a donation to a food bank or pet rescue

There is no denying that we also need strong and determined people of character doing big things, but every one of us, every single day, can do small acts. And those undoubtedly will add up.

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