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June 16, 2024: Happy Father's Day

I have reached the age where my friends who are without their parents greatly outnumber my friends who still have one or both of their parents.  That is what makes holidays like Father’s Day all the more sweet.


While I lost my mother almost 16 years ago to cancer, I am still fortunate enough to have my dad in my life.  The fact that last year he moved into a house down the street from me, is just icing on the cake. He will be turning 88 later this summer, and is thankfully, in good health.


This summer, while I am recovering from knee replacement surgery, he walks with me in the mornings. We chat about nothing and everything.  He and my step-mom often come over on Friday evenings for Happy Hour.


Father/daughter relationships are pretty amazing.  I see it not only through my own relationship with my dad, but through the relationship my husband and my daughter have, as well as through the relationships my son-in-law is building with my two sweet granddaughters. Fathers are our loudest cheerleaders and our biggest fans. They have such belief in us, that we are forced to believe in ourselves.


I will not get to spend Father’s Day with my dad today though, as he is up north.  My brother and sister and their families will get to spend the day with dad this year, and I am thrilled for them all.


To all the fathers, uncles, husbands, brothers, step-dads, grandfathers, and bonus-dads out there, wishing you a day of joy. 

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