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Oct. 29, 2023: Student Writers

This is the second year our elementary school has had a Student Writing Club. Every Tuesday after school, we have 43- 4th and 5th graders crammed into the media center, some in groups, some alone, banging away on laptops, or conferencing with other writers, or feverishly jotting things down.

There are three of us (teachers) who work with this club, and we are all passionate writers ourselves. One was a former journalist prior to a career in education, having worked for a well-known sports magazine. Another has published an adult novel, a picture book, and a book of poetry, so far. And at this point, I have had 4 middle grades novels traditionally published. While I have no data to support my premise, I believe it is pretty unusual for three authors to find themselves teaching together at an elementary school. Our passion is what brought us together to sponsor this club, and I believe that passion has driven so many students to want to join the club.

As authors, we truly understand the joy and agony of writing. We know the power of finding the words to express the ideas. We understand the complex emotions when feedback is not always positive. We have toiled away at the revision process ourselves, and we understand how powerful the process is.

We can share stories of rejections and successes. We can commiserate when struggling to find the perfect word. We can share resources, ideas, and tools.

And as powerful as it is for them to have us mentoring and guiding them, I dare say, it is inspiring for us to be part of their journeys as writers.

I am in awe of the passion that they bring to our meetings and to their work as writers. I am grateful for the way they embrace our suggestions and ideas.

I am always surprised at the creativity and ingenuity I see come through their work. I am touched by how carefully they share ideas and suggestions with each other when reading each others’ work.

I am excited to see such perseverance and grit in these young writers.

No matter what path these amazing young people find themselves taking, being a strong writer will serve them well!

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